mandag den 20. februar 2012

Countdown to India - No. 16

Each sephiroth on the Tree of Life (there are ten sephiroth) represents a different brain circuit of the human brain. Each sephiroth is described in such a way as to agree with the more recently discovered scientific descriptions of human brain functioning. Thus, the Tree of Life is firmly rooted in reality and is a functional symbol set. As noted above, the symbol known as the Tree of Life consists of a sub-set of symbols known as sephiroth. Each of these sub-sets contain sub-sets describing the powers and characteristics available within the sephiroth and Tree of Life. For instance, Kali, the sub-set of Shakti that destroys useless aspects of the emotional life of humans is representative of the sephiroth Geburrah. Geburrah is representative of the ability of the human brain to control the health of the human body. As Jung says, "from here come beasties and demons", clearly indicating the harshness of the sixth brain circuit represented on the Tree of Life by the sephiroth Geburrah and further represented in Tantra by the goddess Kali. The goddess Kali has many sub-sets of abilities beginning with the representation of her many arms (usually nine arms), each of which has a specific job to do, or specific meaning, or representative aspect of the methods of attainment. Thus are all the abilities of the human brain listed in the shorthand method represented by the many gods and many aspects of gods of Tantra. The Tree of Life lists the abilities of the human brain through the shorthand method of sephiroth, paths, and gods supposedly empowering the sephira and paths.