torsdag den 10. november 2011


Since we moved the service window 48 hours, I now do younote that the new service window starts at 21 Danish time on 7NovemberUpdates happening in the forum (this is also online through web3 soapproach can be problematic).The initial schedule is reproduced below and the info on the cause:You get this mail because you have associated an email to your hosting account ( The email is a technical description, anddistributed to all customers web3.We apologize for the recent problems with the web server web3. We mustrecognize that several attempts to restore and stabilize the service is enabledmalfunction.The solution, as we see now is a new server which we will test andready to do until the weekend. The new server is located on Danish soiland has been part of our plan, but must now accelerate the processno.We begin the migration of system from Saturday night at 22nd It isexpected that it takes less than service window, however we would likebe sure that everything is in place. Therefore, the service window untilto 8 Monday morning, a total of 34 hours.What is wrong:Our agreement with a supplier has been shown not to be respected andTherefore, we have seen that a disk in a RAID1 set is gone from optimalto degraded without having taken action on it. Further, disc 2now attempt resyncing begun to show signs of disk failure, and itis thus not possible to resync mirrors, and then throw attemptsmachine whole mirror set.Our hosting partner has in the past few weeks trying to solveproblem by changing various things around the disk, this has alsoresulted in some downtime.They now have here a week ago guard to give up.What must happen:In light of our bad experience with our hosting partner, we havenow chosen to move the entire web3, for the purpose, there have been some things inthe scenes.We have OS backup machine (everything other than / home, which is where allwebsites and all content is). This also includes mysqldatabases.This backup is updated hourly.We have Bacula backup of the entire machine, EVEN / home.This back-Refreshes we currently 1-4 times a day.This exercise is now on Saturday, and Sunday is to:1) shut down the faulty setup (stop receiving mail, andallow changes to the instance mysqldatabase via the web interface, etc.). AllServices stopped.2) final backups implemented3) copy and install OS backup and get it in the air on the new setup.estimated approximately 2 hours (tested).4) start the restore of / home from Bacula, unknown estimate. Restorecompleted before that open the floodgates. This is the pointwhich can be problematic.5) change the DNS to the new ip (we have deliberately set on to 10 minutes).6) Drink a Pilsen.Short version of the information:Service Window Start: Saturday, November 5 at 2200Affected services: imap, pop3, ftp, http, mysql, smtp (all services)Service window finish: Monday d 7 November at 0800We must finally ask you NOT to try to make backups viainterface, this would certainly slow down the processWe apologize for inconvenience this may cause.