torsdag den 8. september 2011

Our Crystal Bowls

Holographic bowls are round bottomed bowls that create the fibonacci sequence. The fibonacci sequence is the mathematical equation that is the spiral of life. This chackra based set when played then spirals upward and downward through the chackra energetic centers. This allows releasing and aligning of our chackras or energetic centers. The alchemy based crystal bowl set is a variety of 90 % quarz mixed with special crystals, minerals and elements. Such as emerald, the ray of knowing, citrine and kyanite, crystals and minerals that never need to be cleared. These crystal bowls are great tools for clearing, releasing and aligning our energetic centers. Rose quartz works well with the heart chackra. Another mineral is platinum, the soft embrace of the divine mother. Lepidolite works in balancing, aligning and clearing the aura. The aura is the energy that is around our body. Indium is a trace element, used in medicine for anti-aging, because it assists the body’s cellular homeostasis. All of these crystal bowls are there to help you feel and experience yourself.