torsdag den 15. september 2011

Network Research Team at Kongelunden, Copenhagen.

" These strange sounds were heard in the Ukraine on August 11, 2011. They sound like trumpets being blown. They were so loud that it shook the windows and walls of the buildings. It just seem unusual to say the least. These sound could very well be the signs of the times being fulfilled. I am not of any religion, but I do believe in a Creator of Reality, and I do believe the main points of the Book of Revelations was prepared by a person who actually saw and heard these things on a large screen placed before him or her and he/she wrote it down. Through the years the book has been mingled with other words and doctrines to make them seem part of a whole. But the things written like when it speaks of the image that was given life and everyone was mesmerized by it, following and believing everything that it spoke, is a very clear definition of the "TV Set". The image does seem to be alive and many believe the lies it says that come from the rulers of this world. So it just seems to me that such noises are strange and worth a listen…"