torsdag den 23. juni 2011

Gold prices steady, dealing cautiously

Price per piece of gold in the country increased by only 30,000 compared to the way the world market despite increased rapidly and set new peak over 1150 dollars.
Market gold piece this morning at around 27 to 27.2 million per volume, up cautiously through the afternoon compared to 30,000 VND and 200,000 VND more expensive than the first on November 18. Opening today, gold SBJ valuable pieces from 26.85 to 27.25 million. A number of companies listed at Hanoi at 9.30 am from 27.06 to 27.35 million.
Businesses that people still trading cautiously. If the willing on November 11, the volume of transactions sold and bought into the company's balance of jewelry of SJC Hanoi reached 10,000, while the figure now reduced to only 3000 of each day.
Representative of a business get the current prices can be considered stable.
Today, the exchange rate by State Bank announced increase compared with the second day yesterday, up to 17,026 VND per USD. Commercial banks listed sold in the 17,877 ceiling. U.S. price on the black market listing this morning at 19,270 dong a U.S. dollar compared with 19,200 the same way through.
Provided that the exchange rate of the Vietnamese currency black market, a world of gold is equivalent to 26.66 million, inclusive of import duties. Rate difference from the current 300,000 to 400,000 between domestic and foreign markets are relatively narrow compared to a few days ago, when the difference up to 1 million. Domestic market has been identified increasingly sticking with the International Monitoring so.
With current prices, the transaction rather cautiously. Photo: Hoang Ha
Gold opened the floor this morning around 24.69 million. Although international markets have established agreements with three separate times yesterday, but many investors still fear run your hands the ability to adjust down. As of 9 am this morning, the amount of successful matches in the center of gold trading SBJ reached more than 212,000 of the price fluctuations in the amplitude from 24.60 to 24.83 million.
Meanwhile, the international market, in the afternoon session, the gold price breaking the predictions, establishing a new record at 1152.80 USD. However, by mid-session gold fell from high landmark, closed in around 1143 USD, increased by only 3 USD compared to open. As of this morning 9h42 in Hanoi time, each ounce of gold trading in Asia have cost 1142.80 USD.
In two months, gold continued to break records and set 14 times a new peak. U.S. is the main reason driven gold market today. The dollar fell to its lowest level in past 15 months, stimulating investors to pour money into more profitable channels such as stocks and commodities.
Yesterday, gold fell from a high milestone by receiving the U.S. President Barack Obama answered the Fox News radio, warned the risk of degradation by a dual high debt. Obama said authorities are considering tax exemptions to encourage businesses hire workers. But with expenses too big, momentum can be restored to slow down and drag the economy into a recession next round. Momentum witnessed continuous escalation of the gold price, investors have repeatedly predicted lining the reduction, when the market was over bought long. However, until now this capability has not happened.