onsdag den 30. marts 2011

Ok i got these converse that are size 9 but im 9.5 and the converse squeeze my feet and i have to wear them tomorrow at school please how do i shrink or anything that will make my shoes fit im really desperate!!! :(

hmm bind your feet really tightly for a day and try to stuff them into your shoes to make the shoes bigger. careful not to bind till you break bones. it's bound to hurt.
or u could get bigger shoes

how bout u make ur shoes bigger stretch em with ice thers prob a youtube video on that somewhr

Get a new pair how can someone shrink there feet?

Kind of a shot in the dark but there is a trick which is usually used on highheels , that may work for your converse. Fill sandwich bags with water and put them in the front of your shoe, then put the shoes in the freezer angled down so the water settles in the toe of the shoe as much as possible. Let them freeze over night and see if the ice expanded them at all. Hopefully, (since when ice freezes it expands), you're shoes will be a little bigger.
Hope it helps

Just return the shoes if they are new enough for a pair that fits, why did you buy shoes that are too small for you?